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I am a PhD student in Societal Computing at the Department of Computer Science in Carnegie Mellon University, supervised by Prof Kathleen Carley. My research interests are computational social sciences and social media analysis motivated by disinformation and misinformation in the online space. I received my Bachelors in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science of National University of Singapore, where I won the NUSS medal for Outstanding Achivement. My Final Year Project was on 3D Makeup Projection, supervised by Prof Terence Sim.

Research Interests


May 2021           Paper A Synchronized Action Framework for Responsible Detection of Coordination on Social Media accepted at MAISoN Workshop on Responsible Social media mining! Preprint here here
Nov 2020           Paper Analysing Public Opinion and Misinformation in a COVID-19 Telegram Group Chat accepted at IEEE Internet Computing! Read it here
Nov 2020           Paper Visualizing Vitriol: Hate Speech and Image Sharing in the 2020 Singaporean Elections accepted at Social-cybersecurity in Times of Crisis and Change ! Read it here
Oct 2020           Paper Bot Activity in the 2020 Singaporean Elections: A Social Cybersecurity Analysis accepted at SBP-BRIMS 2020! Read it here
Oct 2020           Paper The Coronavirus is a Bioweapon: Analysing Coronavirus Fact-Checked Stories accepted at SBP-BRIMS 2020! Read it here
Oct 2020           Paper I miss you babe: Analyzing Emotion Dynamics During COVID-19 Pandemic accepted at NLP+CSS 2020! Read it here
Aug 2020           System Demonstration paper Cross-Model Image Annotation Platform with Active Learning posted on arXiV. Read it here
Jun 2020           Recieved the Best Paper Award for workshop paper Is This POFMA? Analysing public opinion and misinformation in a COVID-19 Telegram group chat. at ICWSM CySoc workshop.
Mar 2020           Recieved full PhD fellowship from DSTA, Singapore!
Feb 2020           Accepted an offer for a PhD in Societal Computing at Carnegie Mellon University! Thank you for seeing my potential!


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